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Nollywood has grown so big and has become a house hold name with a lot of advancements and achievements to it's name.
Grown from the point, where we only had few actors like Kenneth Okonkwo, Clem Ohameze, Genevieve Nnaji, Richard Mofe Damijo, Jim Iyke, Emeka Ike, Liz Benson, Regina Askia Pete Edochie, Olu Jacobs, Sam Loco,  till the point where everyone's got atleast an actor in his or her family.

Well, Swit Summer Blog caught up with one of the most talented Nollywood - International actress/producer of our time Gift Boyo, so we could chitchat a bit about Nollywood and the major advancements she has put in so far.


How many sections of Nollywood do we have now?

I know about Nollywood UK. Nollywood France. Nollywood Germany, Nollywood America and Nollywood Ghana. I think there are lots more scattered all around the world but it’s all the same

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how it has been so far?

Well, I joined Nollywood officially in 1997 and have featured in a lot of movies over time but in 2004, I relocated to the UK. I joined Nollywood UK in August 2014 after a very long break.

Can you mention a few of those movies/tv series that you have featured in, and how it all began?

I started from stage acts like most professionals and since then I’ve been featured in a lot of movies.
I featured in “Things Fall Apart” as one of the dancers, “Chike & Ngozi” in school stage shows.
My first main Nollywood movie was “Critical Decision”, then “Super Woman 1 & 2, “Beautiful Faces 1 & 2, “Price of Hatred 1 & 2, “First Commandments 1 & 2, “Jaws of Death” 1 & 2, “Mirror in the Sun” and many more like that, before I relocated to the UK.
In the UK I have featured in “Oga Detective”, “Murderer inlaw”, “The Lower Cut”, "Drag him to the altar" and many more.

Tell us about your challenges, as a pioneers of Nollywood.

We really suffered while building up Nollywood. We gave our all. We would walk from Festac town to National Theatre because we had no money.
We struggled a lot to make it work. I remember Emeka Ani and I walking half way from Festac to Surulere with Ejike Asiegbu, Lancelot imaseun, Emeka Duru.

I was just a young girl then and I used to hide away in Emeka Ani s video shop in Surulere waiting for audition time because we had challenges with molestation from male directors.

Besides movies, what else do you do?

I’m a nurse and a health worker here in the UK. I studied Health & Social Care in the University.
I am a social activist, who believes in the love for all. And I detest abuse especially abuse on women. I’m also a member of WAR (Women against Rape).

What current projects ARE you working on and how do you intend to give back to the society?

I just recently wrapped up shoot on “The Lower Cut” movie and I’m currently working on my own movies alongside. I’m grooming young, talented actors so I can showcase them to the world also.

You can send all inquiries to, Follow on Instagram on Gift Boyo or Just Add me on Facebook Gift Boyo.

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Friday, September 25, 2015


Everyone keeps watching music videos on air and enjoying them not understanding the difficulties and challenges involved in directing and producing one.

So this week, gospel rap artist now turned music producer/video director Morris Sam aka Xcadoba Xcalante gives us some insight into music video production.

Most up and coming musical artist thinks shooting a GOOD music video only consist of pointing an expensive camera and shooting the subject but it's quite different and more complicated than they think.

First of all, a lot should be considered before you embark on a music video project.

1. Your Music
2. Your concept/idea
3. Your budget


A good song usually is a good way to start the process of shooting a classical video. If the song is right, you would have gained atleast 50% of the listeners attention in the promotional stage even before you shoot a good visual for the song.
So always make sure you have a good song of whatever genre you decide. By the way, genre refers to musical style you sing such as jazz, r&b, hip hop, salsa, rock etc.
Also remember to write meaningful songs and not just junk because the type of audience you get is mostly defined by the amount of sanity you have in your music.


The first thing that pops into your head soon as you conceive the idea of making a track (song) usually might not be the best idea for your song, but it's a good way to start planning the concept for the music.

Now this is the tricky part, you could create a really good concept and not have the finance to actualize it. So when creating a concept, please have at the back of your mind, your financial support. There is no point of writing a concept, where you sing in a private jet or go jet skiing with your girl when you know you haven't got such finance.
It's usually better to keep it tight and simple if your funding isn't all that.

So back to me, I want to encourage you all, also to read up on cameras and equipment and go online to check out what most of these cameras do before you start dictating to the director the type of camera you want to be used in shooting your video.

Most DSLR cameras will get the job done, but I'll go more into that in my next article.

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Full Names: Morris Sam
Height: 5"11'
Date of Birth: November 24th
Location: Lagos state, Nigeria.
Profession: Music Video Director, Music Producer, Professional Photographer, Concept Developer, Film Director and Gospel Music Rap Artist.

Xcadoba Xcalante - Le Ba Sha Ta.
Ebubedike - Nara Ekene
Earthkumy - Uwa bu ahia
Rovie-No - Not Likely (Viral video)
Rovie_no ft Masscut - Oju Mi Ti Leri
Omorutty - BamBam
Lady Pradah - Syncro System
DJ Centeliba - Chilling with Centeliba...

He has also worked onset with Wole Oni, Koffi, Catch22, Simione, Dona Diva e.t.c.

Facebook: Xcadoba Xcalante
Twitter: @switsummerintl
BB Channel C003DBABE
BB Pin: 2639F85F
Phone number: +234-8059989831, +234-8160816407

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Cool Fashion House's Grand Opening

Cool Fashion House is inviting the general public to her grand opening.

On the 1st of October 2015 by 8am, The Cool Fashion House will be opening for business with a mini soiree and an afternoon of shopping and mingling. Swit Photos will be there to cover handle the photos and videos, so we hope to see you there too.

The Cool Fashion house fashion school, is designed to train fashion enthusiasts in different areas like:

1. Machine Control,
2. Sewing,
3. Cutting,
4. Pattern Making,
5. Computer Aided Designing,
6. Garment Designing & Finishing,
7. Fashion as a business and lots more...

The Cool Fashion House is a combination of 'Three in One', with Mrs. Kate Kukoyi, who is also the fashion designer for brand 'MeeAfrik Couture' at its helm.

The Cool Fashion House is located at:
No 17 Adeboyejo Street, Off Odolowu Street, Ijeshatedo Surulere, Lagos.
Phone number: 09032116824

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Here are photos from the audition that was organized by Swit Summer Productions International on the 8th of August 2015. Vanessa Koko and John Chukwudi were also available to cast the wonderful actors for the new feature film "THE OATH.

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