Saturday, November 21, 2015


You remember the last time we had an interview with Soul Snatcha from Rooftopmcs, I told you I was working on getting a full interview from the whole crew. But guess what, that didn't happen because, while Soul Snatcha is out there in the United Kingdom repping Christ thoroughly, Sokleva is also here in Nigeria doing what he knows how to do best...  Repping God.

Laitan Hughes, who recently dropped a new single titled "In the up" featuring Protek Illasheva, granted us this very exclusive interview. I'm sure Swit Summer is the only media house with this kind of interview presently, unless he deceived me... lol....

Well, without wasting much of your time, read through and comment below, let me know what you think.

Q. Where have you been?

A. I've been in the studio, working on the music, kept tweaking and rewriting, music is a language and I plan to speak it very fluently.

Q. Are we expecting any possible collaboration/come back from "TheRoofTopMcs? 

A. There's definitely more Rooftop MCs music coming. We actually have ideas for the album put down. Once my project and Snatcha's project are out, the long awaited Rooftop MCs album is on and popping.

Q. This jam "in the up" has been blazing the airwaves since you dropped it on the 16th of Nov 2015. Everyone has received it with open arms. Protek himself did a great job too. So what next do we expect from Sokleva?

A.  Next Single is titled G.G.M God's got me it features Nolly, produced by Danny Beatz and it will be released (That's exclusive info too nobody knows this yet) December 1st, after that December 16 the album Fistful Of Stones drops!

Q. Let's talk Protek. What do you think about him as a rapper and as an individual? 

A. Protek has grown. His approach to the music is, always wanting that message he's communicating to be heard and understood, He's also witty. I like that he's not afraid to let his passion for Christ shine through. He's also one of the most, loyal, trustworthy and reliable people I have ever known.

Q. What's gospel music to you and what message do you kind of music carry for the world?

A. Gospel Music is music inspired by, about or communicating the teachings of Jesus Christ. My music is always either inspired by or about the gospel. I want people to know, their struggles are common to all but that there is an answer, solution and saviour in Jesus Christ and they should draw near with all confidence because He loves us.

Q. Everyone's been buzzing me about how they can reach you but how can they really reach you?

A. On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, snapchat, tumblr you can find me under the User ID SoklevaHughes, you can mail me directly
or hit me up on 08093510877 I'm pretty easy to reach. Lol!

Q. Word to all your fans and friends.

A. To all the fans and friends thank you for your love and support. I pray we all rise increase and grow together. Also if you are feeling the music tell someone else to check it out, Follow me on Soundcloud and get to hear the music first.

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