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Told you earlier that I was going to get the Rooftopmcs for you right? Well, I did but I didn’t particularly get the whole group consisting of Kunle Adeoola (Soul Snatcha) and Laitan Hughes (Sokleva). I could only get Kunle aka Soul Snatcha to talk to Swit Summer.

The gospel hip hop group has contributed tremendously to the physical and spiritual growth of the Nigerian music scene redefining gospel music and most especially, taking gospel music mainstream. They have been at the forefront of gospel entertainment and dropped countless hits. Hits like Shock Therepy, For My life ft Da Suspect and the most popular Lagimo ft Cohbams Asuquo.

Soul Snatcha, who is presently based in the UK with his family, is a boss and very busy man. Took me like forever to get to him but thank God, the hustle finally paid off and now I’m glad to tell you, I gat to him before anybody else did.

So without wasting much time, I bring to you this classic yet exclusive interview of “The Soul Snatcha”… Enjoy!


Q. We are aware that in 2013 rooftop MCs said they were taking a break. Does this really owe to the fact that you guys are far away from each other now, or is there any other reason for the separation?

A. We took a break in 2012, after the release of our 4th album BACK AT ONE. God was dealing with us in a personal level even though some of our experiences were similar but he had to deal with us individually. We are grateful for the fame and the wealth that came with it, but God’s definition of success is different from ours.
So it's like what Paul said. “We had to forget everything, counting them as dung and pressing forward”.

Q. Ok so now that you guys aren't performing on stage together anymore, what has “Soul Snatcha” been up to?

A. I have been in school and God has been my teacher. Details of that would be told in my new album “THE VALUE OF NOTHING”. I have been performing and working on my solo album and spending time with my family.


Q. On your wall ON facebook, I noticed you talking about photography. Any surprises in that area? 

A. My wife got me the iPhone 6s plus as a gift and the camera is amazing. I'm already a cinematographer in training and I have filmed and edited a few things myself so naturally I was excited about what the iPhone can do with the right apps and add-ons so I picked iphonography as a hobby.

Q. Where is Sokleva at the moment, what is he up to and hope you guys are still buddies?

A. Sokleva just finished his album. We talk every day and we both can't wait to get back to the studio and work on some Rooftopmcs music but his album is due 15th of December.


Q. I'm sure you may not have been asked this in recent times but, I want you to tell us how the name evolved into Rooftop Mcs. The full story (the story so far). 

A. Oh no not this question again. We use to be known as G-Force with about 6 members namely Snatcha ,Sokleva, Raptaus(Bankole Williams), he is now a writer/life coach. Mr Green (Ahmed Ibrahim) Aisha Attah and Segun Fashika, but we got to a point where God wanted to take us to another level and make us a voice, where we can go into places that are not necessarily Christian circles with ‘stay spiritual’ yet match anyone bar for bar flow for flow.
So the name changed to Rooftopmcs so as we hear we speak.

Q. What do you think about the current gospel hip hop artists that Nigeria has now?

A. I think they gat it locked down in terms of skills. Guys like Protek, Proverbs, Tb1, Winter and the BLW Rap nation crew I'm happy about what Pastor Chris is doing over there I pray more churches catch that fire. But nonetheless, I believe there is more that should be done in taking it mainstream and the spirit of " I wan blow" should be cast out.

Q. Any chance that they'll affect the world with their message?

A. I think in terms of subject matter, bars, and even flows they are better than a lot of other rappers out there, we just need the world to hear it and faith comes by hearing so once they hear there would be a change.

Q. Any plans to sign and harness any talents in future?

A. We are currently working with Protek but the relationship we have is beyond record label/artiste it's more like spiritual mentoring.

Q. What do you want to say to your fans out there?

A. I am sorry it's been so long but you know how it is we are servants and sons of the Most High when He says stop we stop when He says go we go. But be sure that we are back.

Q. If fans want to connect, how can they?

A. Fans can connect with me by going to www.Snatcha.superphone.io fill your details in the form there and it automatically appears on my phone. That way we can chat on Whatsapp and SMS. I want to know each one of you on a one on one level.

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