Thursday, November 12, 2015


I’ve been awake all night. Didn’t know why I couldn’t sleep and so I decided to go online and check out how many people were having the same challenges as I was.

What I found out shocked me honestly and also gave me an idea of today’s topic.

I buzzed many of my friends in the entertainment industry and I discovered a handful of them were still awake. When I inquired as to why, this is what each of them had to say.

I hope it inspires you too.


VANESSA KOKO (NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS/SCRIPTWRITER): Hmmmmm... What really motivates me? My passion does. Fulfilling certain emptiness in me... Acting is my World... My destiny... I love Relieving Characters... Being someone else for some moments motivates me... Passing a message out through my acting motivates & drives me. It's Very taxing when you have love & passion for something; you tend to go all out in achieving it. You just have the Energy and drive to go through it. For me, Acting is an in-built quality, all I need is tap it & naturally it would flow.

JOHN CHUKWUDI (NOLLYWOOD ACTOR/FILM DIRECTOR): The Passion and desire to make a difference, affect lives with my work, and be reckoned among the best in history. That’s what’s up!

GIFT BOYO (NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS UK/WRITER/PRODUCER): I get motivated when people appreciate my work. You know that satisfaction that comes from your heart, after someone tells you, you have done well? That's how I feel.

EBUBEDIKE (GOSPEL HIP HOP ARTIST/ACTOR): If I don't feel a stir in my spirit to write a song, I let it be, I depend totally on the Lord to motivate me... when I want to do it on my own I get stuck.. The other day I asked the Lord I said “Lord Please give me a song... And the melody came and boom! That’s it.

Secondly my environment and personal travails, struggles, joy n Pains... But basically I can’t write without a Nudge from The Lord Jesus.

DJ CENTELIBA (DJ/MUSICIAN/PRODUCER): The incredible and ultimate satisfaction in making people happy and eventually making money for putting a smile on their faces. That’s the driving force.

In the entertainment industry, a lot of guys, girls, men and women are awake every night and day practicing, rehearsing, writing and scripting just to make you happy. It will do you good to appreciate their work when you see them on your tv screen…..

Have a lovely day.

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  1. Once I'm happy, there's an energy of success that wells up from within, so you can be sure to get the very best. Who missed me:-)

    -Kalu Chidi Samuel.