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I’m sure the name Okon Lagos isn’t new to you. He has earned his stripes in the world of Nigerian comedy and has gone ahead to become a maestro in the industry.

Without wasting your time, here’s another interview with Imeh Bishop Umoh aka Okon Lagos.

Enjoy, braodcast and leave your comments below.

1. Tell us how has it been with you? How does it feel to be @ the fore front of Nigerian Comedy?

I am very well. My family too. I thank God Almighty for his love and mercies so far. It feels great to be at the front line of comedy in Nigeria. I believe everyone shoots for excellence and distinction in whatever he does and for me in the case of my career in comedy, it’s no different. It is a great feeling of accomplishment as well as a sober reflection on how the grace of God has taken me this far. My success also serves as a positive pressure to do more since it is all about the happiness of my fans.

2. We are sure you have been in so many movies, but can you mention about 5? The ones you really enjoyed acting in.

I am very passionate about what I do so I enjoy every second I spend doing any movie. It's really hard to mention the ones I have had fun in to the exclusion of others. OKON LAGOS was cool, OKON GOES TO SCHOOL, OBI IS A BOY, WATERFALLS, A WISH, INTHE CUPBOARD, and many other movies have in them reminiscences that make my moment rock.

3. To you, which of the movies would you say gave you your big break?

OKON LAGOS did it. It was a gamble but at the end of the day it became a smashing hit

4. You know you are an inspiration to a lot of Akwa Ibom actors all over the WORLD; do you by chance reach out to them?

Yes I do. I may not do so satisfactorily because doing so is definitely relative but I do so in the little way I can and I always will.

5. Life as a married man, tell us your experience.

Life as a married man is fun. I have a wife that I love so much who complements my inadequacies as well as a daughter to love and be successful for.

6. Female fans, how do you deal with them?

Hahaha... My female fans are wonderful and supportive and understanding. I love them. They love me too. I am their star and they won't do a thing that will put my career in jeopardy.


7. There's this photo going viral on the internet with you making the hair of popular actress Vanessa Koko, and a lot of people think you do hair styling part time. Care to elaborate on that one?

Yes that's actually a footage of a movie I did "LOVE IS IN THE HAIR" I was a hairdresser in the film and my dexterity earned me the name "Twelve Fingers"

8. What's the future for you and what are your plans for the younger generation?

I intend to go into production of my own films full swing. I will also set up an academy that will develop to international standards, arts and comedy talents. Many up and coming artistes will benefit.

9. Do you mind telling us why you are standing in a photo with a lot of white people everywhere? LoL

That is me in Frankfurt, Germany. Hahahaha

10. What is your ADVICE to up and coming actors/actresses about selling their bodies for movie roles?

Well regarding my own industry in entertainment, I'm not certain of "selling bodies". That will be indirectly saying prostitution is a practice in the movie industry. Most people that come out to do films are adults and are responsible for their thoughts, actions and inactions. If anyone thinks he or she should condescend as low as selling his or her body to God knows who, in God knows which market, then that will be an abysmal and a gross show of low self-esteem, confidence in his or her ability to exhibit his arts. However, I'm not given to the existence of that anomaly majorly in our industry.

11. In the industry today, whose your biggest inspiration?

I have always been inspired by those who had been there before me. Mr Bean, Nkem Owoh, John Okafor, Victor Osuagwu. I have no particular role model. My role model is seemingly ideal. It's a potpourri of all excellent skills of all the great comedians I admire.

12. Now that we know scammers are out to use your name to deal with people, what's the safest medium for people to reach you?

Whatsapp and Instagram for now.

13. We noticed that you have been nominated for the AMVCA awards, how can people participate?

You can make me Africa's Comedy Drama King for 2016 by going to or voting at wechat. Or you can just visit this link and vote for me as BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY MOVIE IN AMVCA 2016 VOTE.


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  1. This guy is pure medicine for your soul. If you haven't had an encounter with him, then you are missing.