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1. Introduce yourself to us.

I'm Lilliuwin a.k.a One Africa, As matter of fact, I would like to be known and addressed as 'ONE AFRICA' because the name Lilliuwin is[permit me to say that is always difficult for Some people to pronounce] an Abbreviation which i will later let my fans know where it came from.
I am Nigerian but permanently base in UK. I’m currently the director of a Production and Event Management Company LILLIUINPROENT [UK], where I showcase, promote, produce both upcoming and professional artiste and as well as entertainment, which I was really motivated by a good friend, a colleague, brother etc. by name FRED EBERE a.k.a DOGOOD [Nollywood actor] who really encouraged me to Start up my own Company.

Before that, I worked as a contracted musician with GMQEX Luton UK an artiste management company, where I met a man MR SIMON, who contributed a lot to my profession. And while I really enjoyed working with them and still keeping it real with them until now in as much as i got my own Company GMQEX is still always there for me to Support me.

I’m very passionate about dancing, reading, storytelling and more importantly helping people. In addition to those interests and passions, my professional life is a huge part of who I am, so I'd like to talk a bit about it. I am a writer, composer and singer by profession. I started singing in my secondary school days which eventually earned me the nickname “Lady Rapper” in my school then, Even before this time, I’d been awarded the title “Acharaugo Nwanyi” as the best dancer in my elementary school. Later on I began singing for my church choir, City of God Bible Church a.k.a Church in the manger in Aba,Abia-State Nigeria. And from there I was able to release my first gospel musical album titled 'Odiworom nma'.

2. Can you tell us some of the projects you have handled and are presently handling?

I have handled many musicals, movies and humanitarian projects. While I was in Nigeria I used to work with a humanitarian organization Called WAY MARKS HUMANITERIAN ORG whose motto is “Adding taste to the world”, with the sole aim of searching out those who are in desperate need spiritually, financially, physically, materially and marital, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity and to assist them. Which we did alot of works in Adamawa, Okigwe, Oru east, Aba and some other places to the Glory of God, Some musical projects include OH MY DESTINY, EVERLASTIN, PRAISE HIM, HIGHER GROUND PRAISE, ONE AFRICA Etc and movies DOGOOD IN LONDON, AKPI IN MANCHESTER, currently I’m working on two movie production namely AKPI AND ANCENSTOR SEASON 1&2...And some other music projects Which includes ONE AFRICA VOL2.

3. So what are your plans for the coming year 2016?

I really have big plans for 2016 among and not limited to making Luton a home away from home for Africans and Caribbean by bringing their culture and tradition down to the U K through music and drama. Also I plan to embark on African and European musical tour to preach and solicit for peace among warring factions in Africa and to raise fund for those who are in need or displaced by war or conflicts Etc.

4. Your song 'ONE AFRICA' conveys a message of peace. Can you tell us what motivated to you to write that and why you chose to shoot in Africa, judging from the fact that you are based in the United Kingdom.

Yeah you are right But one thing for sure is that I'm born African and thats my foundation, In life everyone has where She/he Originally came from which you can never Change No matter wherever you base, so for the fact I base in UK Doesn't made me not knowing where i came from[Smile] and the people I left behind in AFRICA, it Still my dream to see Africa Continent Appreciate what God blessed them with and work hard to keep it and less Sufferings from the Poor Masses, the song is a product of pain and sorrow for my beloved continent, and it’s a massage of peace and unity which is seriously lacking in our continent and is destroying and tearing us apart. It is crystal clear that we Africans are the architect of our problems, we have allowed religion, race and colors to tears us apart, hence we have become selfish and self-centered. Therefore, I decided to put this song together to address this issue, so that Africans everywhere will see themselves as ONE and put their resources and technology together and become a force to reckon with. Africa is blessed more than any other continent of the world yet we are suffering, reason being selfishness and greed. We really need to unite

5. Any plans to sign any gospel artist soon?

Yes I really want to sign a good number of gospel artiste singers, performers and instrumentalist and I’d spoken with them and they are happy to work with me. For some professional and security reasons I wouldn’t want to reveal their names to the public yet, hope you adition to it i will also like to Sign other Non-Gospel artists as long as the Song make meanings and as long as the artist is talented to Sing LILLIUWINPROENT [ UK] is there for that Person Because i know there are alot out there that need someone to Sponsor them...well the door is open for the person to Submit his or her work..

6. Any words for your fans out there?

Oh my fans yes of course, what can I do without them. You all are wonderful people; you inspire and encourage me a lot by believing in me. Keep believing, you shall not be disappointed in me. In 2016 be Assured of a Smile.

7. How can fans reach you?

Fans can reach me through the following contacts:,, and +44 7481993568, +447827160760,[+441582253579 from 4pm to 11pm]


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