Sunday, January 31, 2016


Recently, I was opportuned to hook up with another gospel rap myestro... This guy has got some serious lyrics as far as gospel rap music is concerned.
He's made up his mind to only drop hits in this industry, and so far, been living up to his dream and name.

Without wasting much of your time, I will allow you enjoy this exclusive interview.

Tell us your name and about yourself. Record Labels? Affiliations etc?

My names are Promise Illasheva Julius Audu. I'm the last born in a family of four, I hail from Edo state Nigeria.

The name Protek Illasheva, how did you get the name and why the name.

Protek is an acronym, meaning Positively Refined Overwhelming Techniques Enlarging (God's) Kingdom and Illasheva is my real name.

We've heard countless hits from you but I'm particular about the song Realise ft IBK Spaceshipboi. Tell us the inspiration behind that track.

OK, Ibk Spaceship was in America for a tour and he hits me up like "yo Pro, I have the Spaceship sound for us” He sent the beat over, he came back we got into the studio, prayed, wrote and then the rest is history.

We've heard u feature on numerous tracks. Tracks like "In the Up by Sokleva", "The way you love me by Rue, Kingin by Rozay, CSO, Israel Strong, Provabs etc... Tell us, does Protek Illasheva have any plans to drop his own albums this year 2016.

Hmmm. Well, let's just say as the spirit leads, if I’m led to drop an album tomorrow done.

Besides music, what other passion HAVE YOU GOT?

Basketball, listening, writing, traveling

What inspires you when you write lyrics? And how can you compare your kind of gospel music with the other ones you here. I mean what makes you different.

The Holy Spirit is my inspiration, He can direct my attention anything and help me make music from it and what makes me different is the fact that I’m a unique tool in the hands of God. I mean plier no fit screw driver work.

Are we expecting any videos soon?

Yes yes yes, after the success of Amen video is only normal to follow up with another, or what do you think? *winks*

Who are your mentors in the game and who is your best artist by FAR.? You are only allowed to choose one.

 Funny enough God is my number mentor in the game because He's the greatest lyricist that there is. Then i thank God for the ministries of Lecrea, rooftop MCs, social club and a few others.

Words to your fans and upcoming gospel rap artist.

Keep your gaze on God and you'll never regret it.

How can your fans reach you directly? Or do they have to go through management to get to you?

Twitter and Instagram : @protekniks.

Thank you and God bless you. 

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