Wednesday, January 13, 2016


As far as clothing goes, and as far as modern Nigerian fashion goes, there will always be a Walker Design in my life. I've got tones of these guys designs and I must say, they are outstandingly beautiful.

Our next guest on Swit Summer Blog is a young, energetic, handsome and very successful boss, who has put in so much into growing his business and honestly, I'm inspired by his efforts in making people look beautiful.

Ladies and gentlemen, read for yourselves.

1. Please introduce yourself to us.

My name is Bankole  Bolaji I’m the Ceo of an urban wear called  Walker Designs.

2. How long have you been into the business of making and branding wears?

I’ve been into the business of making and branding wears for over 5 years now.Since 2011.

3. When did you first discover your passion and how did you pursue your dreams?

I first discovered my passion when I was in secondary school. I used to have these crazy ideas for wears, whereby I’ll design artworks for t - shirt with different colors and graphics. Then I thought to myself why don't I don't I take it seriously as a profession. Then I started designing for myself, knowing that when people see it on me they’ll comment and be like who made this t - shirt for that was how everything started.

4. Any plans of expanding your branding business into branding other stuffs like souvenirs, accessories etc?

Yes. Presently Walker design is planning on expanding its brands into different aspects such as bags, footwear, wristwatches etc. We will keep you up to date with that.

5. If a person is interested in going into such a capital intensive business, what would be your first 3 advice to the individual?

Hmm... My 1st 3 advice...
1.  Make sure you know your business and market audience very well.
2. Make sure u always deliver on time and your work is perfect to your costumers. It is very important.
3. Make sure you have passion for What you do because if you do not have passion for it, you will not be motivated to give your clients the best or deliver well, so to me I think with this you are good to go.

6. How can prospective clients contact you incase they require your services? Please give us facebooks, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, bbm etc.

You can contact me on any of the following:

Twitter: @iambibbywalker.
Instagram: @bibbywalker
Whatsapp: 07057472035.
BBM: 58C1BC88

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