Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Talk of celebrities with a difference, this cat has disc jockeying all figured out. I’ve been trailing him for a while and I finally got him to visit Swit Summer studio to grant us this interview. Besides being a friend, a fine boy, and speaking oyibo oyibo english, this dude knows his onions. As far as DJ-ing* is concerned, he’s got it.

Ladies and gentlemen of the world, without wasting much time in wining you, let’s meet our celebrity for the week.

1. We are so glad to finally have you in our studio. Everyone is waiting earnestly to meet you, so please introduce yourself to us.

My names are Adebukunola Adeniyi Sunday aka DJCENTELIBA. I am a mass communicator by profession and a disc Jockey by occupation. Ceo Centeliba Records.
 2. When did you first discover your passion to be a DJ and what were the challenges involved in taking you to where you are now?

Back when I was in the university, I realized entertaining people and making people happy via music projection is my God given talent.  As regards the challenges I faced as a rookie DJ, I believe financial capital was a major constraint. In this part of our country the disc jockey business is not considered to be a lucrative business. This is one major challenge we have when trying to secure investors.

 3. So how many years have you been in this game of scratching and what organizations have you joined, to solidify your stand as a registered DJ in the Federal Republic of Nigeria? 

I became a professional certified DJ in 2010, so I believe that's 6 years. I joined (DJAN) DEEJAYS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA IN 2012.
4. I've been in events, where you play and boy you sure can scratch. Besides your equipment’s are super. What drives you to doing the things you do - I mean your motivation?

Thanks a lot for the compliment. My motivation and drive are in 3 categories.

1. God: he keeps me healthy and strong enough to do what I do best.
2. Money: money is essential and discovered a long time ago that the entertainment industry in Nigeria is rising faster than anticipated. Therefore Entertainers will make a lot of money doing the needful.
3. The Big Dream; I want to someday be regarded as one of the most influential DJ in the entertainment industry.

5. Gist us about your recent event please. I know I was suppose to be there and must have missed a lot. I do hope you can release some pictures for all to see.

I'm still mad at you for not coming. Hmm my last party was the Expensive pool party. We had a lot of fun because it was filled with so many side attractions like special barbecue menus, swim suit models, water gun games etc. I'll send you some of the pictures now.

6. What can you say to aspiring DJ's out there, who have the passion but do not know even the first step to take in that direction?

Firstly, educate yourself to the best of your capability. Stay focused and always research about other DJs. Never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult things may be.

 7. What words can you leave for your friends, fans and clients, who have supported YOU, all these YEARS?

Thanks a lot for supporting me and helping me become who I am today. May the good Lord also uplift you all in your respective fields?

 8. How can prospective clients reach you? Facebook, twitter, instagram, telephone, whatsapp, bbm etc.

Q8: I am on all social networks:
TEL - 08063349927, 08056274802
BBM- 79FB71A2

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