Monday, January 11, 2016

A Moment with Hajia Tee Zuma

Hey everyone, let me start by saying happy new year.
Very quickly, we start out this year with another exclusive interview with one of Nollywood's grand Matron. She's been in Nollywood for so long, even before Nollywood was named and I'm sure alot of you will be so surprised to know who our celebrity is this time.

Like I always say; without wasting much of your time, here is an interview with Hajia Tee Zuma....



Can you introduce yourself to us? And tell us about you?

Well, Hajia Tee Zuma is a woman of substance. A mother & grandmother. Beside her hectic daily routine she still has time for her family. She loves to travel around the globe to learn different cultures. Hajia Tee Zuma speaks five to seven Nigerian languages fluently and that makes it easier to communicate during tours around Nigeria.
Hajia tee Zuma is from Borno/Delta States. She is currently a business woman & based in UK/Nigeria. 

You have been in the movie scene for a bit, what notable achievements have you made during the past decade?

Yes I have been in the movie industry since 1977. I acted in some Hausa movies then & reading the 12 noon boomerang news at NTA Jos every Saturday. I later proceeded into acting with the then 'Cock Crow at dawn'. As the late Nosa's sister, I developed interest in acting, when I followed him to locations. 

In 1985 I got married and stopped acting to concentrate with my marriage & children. Until recently, when I came back fully into the industry.
When I came to UK I enrolled into University of South Wales USW to study Cinematography and Film making. Since then, I have acted in few movies like Nostalgia, Akpi in Manchester, 2nd Wife and many more.

Nollywood UK versus Nollywood Nigeria, What’s the comparison and why do people categorize them as being different?

Nolly­wood UK is quite different from Nollywood Nigeria because in Nigeria they have more varieties of stage acting, more locations and epic movies which the whole world like the most to watch. They have more costumes and styles; they have more determined actors and actresses. I can go on and on. But UK Nollywood is full of competitions among actors and actresses. They cannot act because a lot of them are not talented. Acting cannot be their full time career because they all have bills to pay. We don't have promoters and marketers here in UK. They can only get their money back through premiering their movies. So I prefer the Nollywood Nigeria to Nollywood UK.

How do you see the movie industry of now, compared to then? 

Well my observations with the movie industry then & now is quite different because a lot has really changed. Like the cameras we use these days is more advanced. The actors and actresses are more elegant now.

What words do you have for the young actors and actresses?

My advice to the young actors and actresses is for them to concentrate on what they love to do the most if they have the passion to act. They should not be jealous of one another; they should make sure they sell their face first to be known before demanding for a lot of payments because a producer will prefer a known face to sell his or her movie rather than a new comer.

How can your fans reach you? Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM etc?

You can reach me on my Facebook, Twitter page as Hajia Tee Zuma.

Let me know what you think, drop your comments below for us.

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