Thursday, February 25, 2016


Below are B.T.S photos for the music video "Helicopter Flow" by Sokleva Hughes ft LC Beatz...

Alot of notable acts came out that day to support the Gospel Hip Hop Icon and i'm very upset with myself that I wasn't there, else, I would have had my own urban groove on... mtchewww....

Well, enough said, this video promises to be classy and totally something different from what gospel artists have been doing...

I'm waiting and anticipating o!



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Monday, February 22, 2016


Sometimes in the week, our man Sokleva Hughes from the Rooftop MCs Clan, was in our studio to show us some love.
We chilled for a while, talking about music generally and how his gospel album sale was doing.
Tried to talk to him about the Kanye West, Kirk Franklin issue, but he declined, so you won't be getting any infos in that direction.

This is a quick insight on what we talked about.


Q. How has the album sales been so far? What has been the response and how can people get it?
ANS: The response has been very good across board, everyone has a video they would love to see shot from the album, for now it's selling exclusively on a digital store called Nerveflo and you can purchase it via we'll soon be including other stores pretty soon but for now it's only available via

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Q: I believe this is an online sale, any plans to sell actual hard copies too?
ANS: Oh Most definitely physical copies are coming but we are currently trying to see how we can use a tour to launch the hard copies. The industry is constantly changing so we have to be strategic and creative in how we position ourselves.

Q. Recently, you shot the video for "Helicopter Flow" ft LC Beatz... Take us through the progress of the video shoot and tell us what we should expect, when the visual is finally ready.

ANS: In partnership with the team from Nerveflo, we shot Helicopter Flow; we have 2 dominant scenes a Rooftop (as per Rooftop MCs na Lol!) and the underground car park. It features a lot of notable artists from the Gospel/Christian Rap scene and it promises to be a memorable video. It was directed by my friend and longtime collaborator Segun Maximus.

Monday, February 15, 2016



  • Who is LC Beat? Everything we need to know about LC Beatz.
LC Beatz (real name Oluwaseyi Ajala) is a rapper, singer,and a music producer.
(Educational background) .
I did my primary and secondary schooling at Mayflower Junior School and secondary school respectively.
I am also a Civil Engineering graduate of Osun state University and I am from Ibadan, OYO State.

  • How long have you been into music and why have you chosen such a style to express yourself in?
Well it's been 8years. I just don't fit into doing normal songs, so I get my mind open to what's not normal...
  • What are the challenges you have faced as a singer?
... Fuel scarcity sometimes... U know, lack of electricity... All of these affect movement and studio session...hahahaha  Lol

  • In the ever blazing song " Helicopter Flow " by Sokleva, you displayed some serious rhyming skills in a local dialect. Can we expect some more flows in this direction or do we expect something different all together?
Yeah... Expect more and more. I am not the source, GOD is.

  • Can you tell us how many songs you have recorded so far in your career?
....Songs I have recorded? Guess they aren't much but I have actually lost count...

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  • What inspires you to write music and who are your mentors?

I believe God uses everything and also activities around me to inspire me as long as I can contain it. The concept is He asks me to throw my net into the deep, as plenty as I can catch... so far my net can contain it... And he also assures me that my net won't break this time.

  • What's the relationship with Sokleva Hughes of the RoofTopMcs?
Sokleva of Rooftop mcs Is my Uncle in the Lord... As a matter of fact I got inspired by the 'rooftop mc's' music to start to do what I now do. Meeting him 4years ago was a blessing. Then he was like "keep doing what u doing boy God, gat u and I believe I you”. So you know how it feels to be believed in by the ones you look up to. So last year I was graced to work with him fully, produced some songs for him, which are yet to be released and he also featured me on this hit track...

  • What should we expect in 2016 from LC Beatz? And any plans of dropping any video materials?
Expect more from LC Beatz this year. God's Glory is upon me ama shine it... Will be releasing another single soon title HALLELE... Watch out.
Yes there are plans for videos this year... ADUA plus others... Expect greatness

  • Encourage somebody out there who wants to do what you are doing.
I believe in you already...  You just start and be consistent. You are good news, you won't only bring joy to people with your music, you will also be heard and be paid for it.

  • How can your fans connect with you? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and BBM.
Facebook fan page: LC beatz, Twitter : @lc_beatz,  Instagram: @lcbeatz_

  • One word to your fans and those that support you.
Like I use to say,  I don't have fans I have got family. It is an honour to be supported by you all, keep supporting good music and keep supporting LC BEATZ. GOD BLESS YOU ALL...

Friday, February 12, 2016



You need to read this particular interview. It's so inspiring to know that gospel rap has evolved from just rapping, to being message in scripted.

I'm talking about this exclusive interview with IBK SpaceShipBoi. That's right, join me to find out the truth and much more in this wonderful time out with him.


  • Start by introducing yourself. Tell us your full names, where you come from, when you started rap music and if any labels? What does IBKSPACESHIPBOI represent? And why the name?

Hello world, my name is IBK Spaceshipboi
from a planet called "ZION". I have inhabited this human body that was christened Ibukun Emuwawon by his parents. Born and raised in Warri Delta State but Originally a local of Ondo State. 
I am a music produce, recording/performing artist amongst many other things. I own my own production outfit called Martianship Music Company and I enjoy what I do.
I represent endless possibilities, hope, strength, peace and love. I am here to inspire the inhabitants of this world to become what they were destined to be and live a life that's fulfilling in every way.
The name IBK Spaceshipboi is a tag, a label, a crest, a marking that symbolizes there is no limitation with this one. With me, there is no box so I don't have to be out of it. How can I be out of what doesn't exist?

  • How long have you been in the industry and how can you class your own style of rap music?

Started climbing the ladder in 2009 and it's been a great journey so far. My style of rap music is what I like to call spaceship music.

  • Your song Realize featuring Protek, what was the concept behind it and how did you put together such classic jam?

The song was created with the intent to inspire the listener. So when you hear me go "take a pen and paper and write it/ I'm the greatest that's ever done it" in my first verse, I imagine the listener saying it out loud to themselves. So it's not just about IBK being the greatest, it's about them being the greatest that's ever done it. The more we speak, the more we become what we speak. The music like every piece I make was inspired by experimenting "oh let me try this... or let me use toms instead of a kick. Oh! Who says I can't just put some nasty sounding synths here and call it a day"? Yup! That's how it goes down.

  • So far, what are the challenges you have faced with your songs and how have you been able to overcome them. 

Other than getting it to have a wider coverage and "listener-ship"
globally, it's all good. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new. Also, note to Fans, "not every idea is to be executed in the now. Some demand certain things be in place and also note timing (God's timing) is most important so be in sync with Him.

  • Are we expecting to hear more singles in this 2016 or are you dropping an album?

I am spontaneous and go with the flow so probably some singles and pieces I call "short songs". Same as you have short movies; I intend to make short songs a thing in the industry.

  • What inspires your kind of music?

To give a whole answer, I’ll say The Universe and the happenings in it.
That about sums it up. 

  • What are the best means of reaching you via social medias? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and BBM. 
Facebook: Ibkspaceshipboi
Instagram: @spaceshipboi
Twitter: @spaceshipboi

  • Any last words for your fans before we rap up this interview?

Keep speaking positively over yourself even if you do not believe at first for soon your present reality will conform to your "positive lie". Knowing who you are is key as well. That way, when people tell you what you know you are not, it doesn't border you because the truth is you know who you are and that's all that matters. Celebrate yourself and do not be afraid to celebrate the good in others. Learn to find the good in a person even in the multitude of short comings.

Grace and peace guys!


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Sunday, February 7, 2016


What better way to cap an eventful week of press junkets of your just released g.o.d EP #GrabbingOurDestiny and a surprise intimate birthday? do a B.A.N.S BBQ.

Friends and day one associates from far and wide came out to the scenic and serene "Red Sparrow"  in Maitama, Abuja to kick back and chill with T.R ( Terry Tha Rapman ).

Strictly by invitation. ‎

Choice cuts and drinks flowed freely, there was something for everyone.

It was a reunion of sorts, with associates from his Payback Time Era (SWATROOT) Solo Dee, Mode 9, Six Foot Plus, and His B.A.N.S Era : Jay Vox and Pherowshuz were on deck to banter and take it back.

Among the guests were, Hon. Laggi of the House of Reps, Classiq, White Nigerian, Kayla Megwa of WE FM, Mr. G of Cool FM, Chucks Ezeilo, Angela Ukir Agbegir, Beazy, Deola Ademokoya and Eddie Madaki.

It was put together by the delectable and highly efficient Elizabeth Chinwebua of BGL PR.

The night would not have been complete without impromptu performances by Classic, Sixfoot Plus, Mode 9 and the birthday boy himself.

"This was my best birthday ever, I feel very blessed to be surrounded by people who have known me for the longest, feels like home " - T.R

Photography by Photojhenie and Xamani

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