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  • Who is LC Beat? Everything we need to know about LC Beatz.
LC Beatz (real name Oluwaseyi Ajala) is a rapper, singer,and a music producer.
(Educational background) .
I did my primary and secondary schooling at Mayflower Junior School and secondary school respectively.
I am also a Civil Engineering graduate of Osun state University and I am from Ibadan, OYO State.

  • How long have you been into music and why have you chosen such a style to express yourself in?
Well it's been 8years. I just don't fit into doing normal songs, so I get my mind open to what's not normal...
  • What are the challenges you have faced as a singer?
... Fuel scarcity sometimes... U know, lack of electricity... All of these affect movement and studio session...hahahaha  Lol

  • In the ever blazing song " Helicopter Flow " by Sokleva, you displayed some serious rhyming skills in a local dialect. Can we expect some more flows in this direction or do we expect something different all together?
Yeah... Expect more and more. I am not the source, GOD is.

  • Can you tell us how many songs you have recorded so far in your career?
....Songs I have recorded? Guess they aren't much but I have actually lost count...

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  • What inspires you to write music and who are your mentors?

I believe God uses everything and also activities around me to inspire me as long as I can contain it. The concept is He asks me to throw my net into the deep, as plenty as I can catch... so far my net can contain it... And he also assures me that my net won't break this time.

  • What's the relationship with Sokleva Hughes of the RoofTopMcs?
Sokleva of Rooftop mcs Is my Uncle in the Lord... As a matter of fact I got inspired by the 'rooftop mc's' music to start to do what I now do. Meeting him 4years ago was a blessing. Then he was like "keep doing what u doing boy God, gat u and I believe I you”. So you know how it feels to be believed in by the ones you look up to. So last year I was graced to work with him fully, produced some songs for him, which are yet to be released and he also featured me on this hit track...

  • What should we expect in 2016 from LC Beatz? And any plans of dropping any video materials?
Expect more from LC Beatz this year. God's Glory is upon me ama shine it... Will be releasing another single soon title HALLELE... Watch out.
Yes there are plans for videos this year... ADUA plus others... Expect greatness

  • Encourage somebody out there who wants to do what you are doing.
I believe in you already...  You just start and be consistent. You are good news, you won't only bring joy to people with your music, you will also be heard and be paid for it.

  • How can your fans connect with you? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and BBM.
Facebook fan page: LC beatz, Twitter : @lc_beatz,  Instagram: @lcbeatz_

  • One word to your fans and those that support you.
Like I use to say,  I don't have fans I have got family. It is an honour to be supported by you all, keep supporting good music and keep supporting LC BEATZ. GOD BLESS YOU ALL...

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  1. They say Olamide is Hot and I say, think again...This guy is the bomb.