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As far as the title of rap music goes in Nigeria today, there will be certain people, who held it up when it was down and are still holding it up.
There was a time in Nigeria, when rapping wasn't a lucriative art, and alot of people will frown at the very sight of it or simply advice you to switch lanes, if you ever wanted to make a name, get famous and get paid all at once.

Some people held it down, kept the scores up, dropping countless hits upon hits and slowly helped the industry evolve to what it is said to be today.

Ladies and gentlemen I got one of such here today his name, Pherowshuz... It wasn't easy to track him down because this dude is business himself... But we finally caught up with him and this is what transpired.

Been a while Pherowshuz, where have you been and what have you been up to?
Where have I been? Lol! Been doing what I do best actually, making music for the most part. Working on project after project for myself and others, especially as I am a producer as well.

For the sake of the people out there, who don't know the name Pherowshuz, please break it down for them. Tell us your real names, where you are from and why you chose the name Pherowshuz.

For those that don't know, I go by the name of Pherowshuz aka Phero tha Great. I am from Benue state, Tiv by tribe, but I was raised in Kaduna State. My real names are David Torkuma Joshua. The name Pherowshuz is actually from the English word FEROCIOUS which means savage, aggressive, fierce etc. So I changed the spelling to make it a name symbolizing the word.

2015 was a great year for you with all those wonderful singles you dropped and ALL? But tell US; are you planning on dropping any albums this 2016?

2015 was a good year and the plan is to make 2016 an even better year, I dropped a project in December 2015 called the "iampherow tape" and it’s still doing the rounds on radio and social media sites. So it’s only natural to push the envelope further for the album which will be dropping later dis year.

We know you are one of the pioneers of great rap music as far as Nigeria is concerned... How do you feel, now that rap has taken root in Nigeria FULLY, and we have a lot of rappers in NIGERIA?

It feels great to see a lot of rappers in the game, its healthy and great for the longevity of hiphop in Nigeria and also glad to see hiphop/rap music finally getting the recognition and attention it deserves, not to mention the financial benefits that follow.

Has anyone ever stepped up to you with a beef track? If yes, what was your response?

Beef track? Lol! Yes actually, I remember some years back, some guy did a track calling me out for doing a track with another rapper that dissed him, and he felt I shouldn't have allowed him to be dissed on my track..... It’s a long and boring story anyway. The guy didn't deserve a reply, plus my CAMP advised me not to reply. So I let it slide.

What's your relationship with Mode9, Terry Da Rapman and Over Doze?

Terry, Modo and OD are kinda like my Big brothers in the game, I look up to them, learn from them and all. I have known them for mad years now and we are still good friends. Those are my NIGGAS! Pardon my French. Lol!


There will never be another rap track like Korrect... That song was hmmm... Classic. In 2016, what are we expecting to hear from you and tell us about your collabos this year, what do we look up to?

Korrect did what it did, and I'm glad and grateful the song was that big... Onto bigger tins now, working on the album which should be called "My TWA"(My Thoughts Words and Actions) the title is still subject to change though. Have done songs with Suspekt, Mystro and more to come, details will be released later. Along with videos from the iampherow tape.

Need you to use this time out to tell us what you need us to know about you, your music and entertainment generally.

For those that don't know, I am also an award winning producer with hits like Sample and Korrect remixes. Currently working on Modenines next album, songs for TR (Terry’s) next album and many more to come. My sound has pretty much changed, I'm not just about spitting bars anymore, I'm all about the making of the music, and all the elements involved.

One word for the fans and friends, who have stuck with you this far.

To the fans and those that stuck with me, I'm LOYAL and HONORED, plus I assure them I will not FALL their hand, lol! On a serious note though, expect nothing but the best, cos you aint heard nothing yet.

How can your fans connect with YOU? Judging from the fact that it was quite difficult to reach you for this interview.

I really didn't know I was that difficult to find though, my twitter handle is @iampherow, my facebook is Phero Pherowshuz, instagram is @iampherow, my email is .

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