Monday, February 22, 2016


Sometimes in the week, our man Sokleva Hughes from the Rooftop MCs Clan, was in our studio to show us some love.
We chilled for a while, talking about music generally and how his gospel album sale was doing.
Tried to talk to him about the Kanye West, Kirk Franklin issue, but he declined, so you won't be getting any infos in that direction.

This is a quick insight on what we talked about.


Q. How has the album sales been so far? What has been the response and how can people get it?
ANS: The response has been very good across board, everyone has a video they would love to see shot from the album, for now it's selling exclusively on a digital store called Nerveflo and you can purchase it via we'll soon be including other stores pretty soon but for now it's only available via

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Q: I believe this is an online sale, any plans to sell actual hard copies too?
ANS: Oh Most definitely physical copies are coming but we are currently trying to see how we can use a tour to launch the hard copies. The industry is constantly changing so we have to be strategic and creative in how we position ourselves.

Q. Recently, you shot the video for "Helicopter Flow" ft LC Beatz... Take us through the progress of the video shoot and tell us what we should expect, when the visual is finally ready.

ANS: In partnership with the team from Nerveflo, we shot Helicopter Flow; we have 2 dominant scenes a Rooftop (as per Rooftop MCs na Lol!) and the underground car park. It features a lot of notable artists from the Gospel/Christian Rap scene and it promises to be a memorable video. It was directed by my friend and longtime collaborator Segun Maximus.

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