Sunday, July 31, 2016

Meet Nigeria's own Fashion Icon and Beauty Therapist Jennifer Serrano @jennifer.zion


I recently met with a very interesting, yet beautiful lady. A fashion Icon, a beauty therapist, a model, an actress and most importantly, a wonderful woman.
After hours of discussion, I finally came to a conclusion that this is exactly what the world is looking for today.

Ladies and gentlemen, sit back and enjoy this interview...

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Tell us a little bit about you.

I'm Jennifer Serrano. A Christian. A mother. A creative person. Early 30s. Of Yoruba origin. 

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Tell us about your art/fashion style, how long you have been into it and why. What is the concept behind the dresses.

I always liked fancy dresses. I started early, sketching images from my fairytale books. I love all things art. In 2002 I went to Lewisham college, England to study Design and Craft. Then furthered in Fashion Design. The 3rd year I studied Production Tailoring in London College of Fashion.
My preference is always special occasion wear. By that I mean very glamorous gowns. However, I also make work wear and African attires such as lace and ankara.


What other things do you love to do professional.

I am an actress and gospel singer. I'm a beautician of sorts, wig making, hair colouring and styling. Wig making is so in now. I make glueless wigs in various hairstyles for clients.

What other packages do we expect in the remaining part of 2016. 

I'm working on a few fashion shows and a pageant before this year ends.
I'm also producing a shape correcting range of clothes. This range bust cleavage, flattens the tummy and curves hips and bums.
Also we are planning a natural hair wig range.


How many parts of the world do you have branches and what is your client base?
I'm based in Lagos. However through the Internet,  people from the world over have access to our products. I have orders from Abuja, Ibadan, PHC, UK,US and Canada so far.
We just take their metric size and then we make and send to them by their preferred means.
We do also ready to wear clothes from UK size 10 to 20.



Encourage someone out there, whose given up on his or her dream.
No matter  where you are now, remember you are the only one like you. So be the best of you. Don't give up your dreams. Keep praying, God will make a way.
Never try to play into anyone's expectation of you. Don't compare yourself with anyone.


I want to make a dress, how do I reach you? Whatsap, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c.

I'm reachable via phone 0909 172 3333 and I'm on WhatsApp. 

Facebook: Jennifer Zion
You can also DM me on instagram @jennifer.zion

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