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The Wifi Combat Academy is a digital media consulting firm offering a variety of Educational technology solutions to Institutions, schools and the Government.

We are creating the environment of opportunity for tech skills for kids and teens. Our Vision is to provide the best STEM education school for kids and teens where children are given a sense of accomplishment in achieving their dreams later in life.

We offer digital enrichment programs in our academy where kids and teens can gain a sense of empowerment, independence and self-confidence as they learn to articulate their creativity in new ways by using technology.

We at WiFi Combat Academy (WCA) are equipping kids and teens from the ages of 5 to 16 years old with technical skills which can be applied in their adolescent years at the work place.


What We Do

We at the WiFi Combat Academy (WCA) are offering hands on learning experiences in a broad range of digital media technologies were children will learn and be taught up to date latest technology.

We have organized various digital workshops on computer programming, mobile apps development, game development, web application development, computer graphics design, illustration, photography, animation, film editing, 3D Printing & Robotics.

Our Programs

We have held Global Code events for Schools and the Lagos State government, like the Hour of Code which is a global code event where students from the ages 5 year old and above will do an hour of code for a week. This event holds every December. We partnered with Microsoft for the 2014 and brought schools together to participate in the event. We also held the Hour of Code 2015 for Lagos State Government and brought about 100 students who learned coding.

a. Code Week Nigeria

We launched an initiative Code Week Nigeria two years ago, an empowerment annual code event engaging children from both primary and secondary schools to learn how to design games, mobile & web application through our programming workshop boot camp.

Through our collaboration with Microsoft Nigeria and the Oracle Academy we have taught over 1000 students who learned how to design games, mobile apps and animation programming. The Lagos State government, Ministry of Science & Technology endorsed this initiative.

b. The Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is a global campaign to show that anyone can learn the basics of coding and become a maker, a creator or an innovator. It’s a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "coding" which is targeted at elementary and secondary school students.
Wifi Combat Academy in collaboration with Microsoft Nigeria hosted the “Hour of Code” 2014 and the Hour of Code 2015 Lagos State Ministry of Science & technology.

c. Holiday Bootcamps

Every holiday during the Christmas Holiday, Easter holiday and the summer holiday, we hold programming and multimedia design workshops for children from the ages of 5 to 16 years old.
We have taught over 2000 children for the past 3 years on computer graphics design, illustration, web design and photography, animation, mobile apps design, web application, game design and film editing.
We have invited leaders within the industry to teach and mentor our kids. We have invited the following people; The Formal Commissioner of Science & Technology of Lagos State Mr. Adebiyi Mabadeje, Kelechi Amadi Obi (the renowned photographer), Kunle Afolayan (the renowned film Producer), Joseph Agunbiade Co-founder of BudgetIT, Mr. Chris Okonkwo’s co-founder of and Audio Visual First.
Through our relationships with industry leaders, we have placed our best students for internship in companies such as BudgetIT, the leading game design firm, Audio Visual First the leading Digital marketing communication production and kelechi Amadi studio.

d. Wificombat STEM Club Elective

We offer programming, robotics and Multimedia Design as an elective in schools to enhance digital technology inclusion in schools. Presently we are working with the Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology and we be setting up clubs in Lagos government schools.

e. Tech Schools on Wheels

Transforming Education through Technology in schools, we hold coding workshops in schools during weekends. We have taught over 600 students in both public and private primary and secondary schools across Lagos, Abuja and Cross River state in their schools game design and mobile apps.

f. Teach the Teacher Train the Students Initiative

This is an initiative we recently launched to train the teachers on the latest tech skills to advance digital technology in Schools . Through our collaboration with Oracle academy this year we have trained teachers in 60 government schools and we will be covering 7 states this year.


· Partnering with the Lagos Sate Ministry of Science & Technology to set up STEAM Clubs all across the Lagos state local government.
· Hosting the first Lagos Sate Public discreet Coding competition 2016 for the Lagos Sate Ministry of Science & Technology.
· Trained teachers in 60 Public secondary schools in Lagos during the Oracle Code week, these schools are now officially part of the Oracle Academy Institution.
· Trained 200 students from Lagos state public secondary schools during the Oracle Code Week 2016.
· Through the Oracle Code Week Bootcamp 2016 over 300 students in both private primary and secondary schools were taught coding.
· Partnered with Oracle Academy for the Code Week Nigeria 2016 and the Lagos State Government Ministry of Science & Technology.
· Hosted the Hour of Code 2015 for the Lagos Sate Ministry of Science & Technology.
· 2015, partnered with National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) for the National Code Competition. Four hundred and fifty students across Nigeria participated in the competition. Results of the competition came out in July.
· Through our Tech schools on Wheels initiative, 500 students in both primary and secondary schools were taught programming and were prepared for the National Code Competition.
· 2015 partnered with Microsoft Nigeria (exclusive partners) for Code Week Nigeria 2015, were 350 children in both primary and secondary schools learned game development and mobile apps development.
· 2015 The world of advertising - Film & Music Production Summer Boot camp ; partnered with Jungle Film Works (leading film production company in Nigeria- producers of the reality TV show, 'Gulder the Ultimate Search').
· 2014, partnered with Microsoft for the 'Hour of Code', other sponsors were Etisalat, BudgetIt, AIT , SMILE, Consolidated Breweries and Sweet Sensation.
· We were part of the organizers for the STEM Workshop 2014 for Greensprings School and Global Intgernational School STEM workshop 2015.
· 2014 Summer Boot Camp - " The World of the Indomitables- Film Production & Photography Summer Bootcamp 2014"- Partnered with DUFIL Prima Foods , our other sponsors was Audi Visual First ( leading marketing Communication production).
· 2014 Easter Boot Camp we partnered with LEGO Education teaching children from the ages 7-10 years old on Robotics.

· Lagos State Government
· Lagos State Ministry of Science & Technology
· Oracle Academy
· Microsoft
· BudgIT
· Andela
· Dufil Foods
· Ruffntumble
· AVF Communication

About The Director

Dele Tejuoso is a result-oriented, experienced Marketing professional currently rounding up her MBA at the Warwick Business School UK. Although her academic background is technical and analytic, she is at home with developing creative ideas that will help companies establish brand presence in the hostile market space.

Dele Tejuoso has worked as a strategic planner in the advertising industry for several years providing clients with innovative solutions through market research, strategy development, designing and implementing successful marketing campaigns.

Her wealth of experience spanning over 10 years covers major Industry sectors in Nigeria; Health Insurance, Telecommunication, Banking sector, Oil & Gas, the Government sectors, SME’s and start-up brands. She also launched a digital media school, the Wifi Combat Academy. The academy is involved in empowering kids and teens with digital media skills. The vision of the academy is to generate a critical mass of highly motivated and skilled young people that are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the workplace in the digital age.


Wifi Combat Academy: Photos from our summer Bootcamp programmes.

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