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Today, we met with a very outstanding actress. A young lady, beautiful and elegant. Stylish in all ramification. She shares with us on herself and how
the journey has been for her so far.
So sit back, and enjoy this interview.

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Introduce yourself to us.
My name is Mariam Mustafa. I graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University(2009). I studied performing act.

What do you do for a living and why?
Well I am an actress, and I also feature in some musical videos also. I am into acting because it has always being my dream. Apart from the fact that I studied it in school, I have always hoped that people see me as a good example or as a role model.

Can you tell us how you started and what promoted that?
Though wen I was much younger, I always join the school cultural group. Dancing to traditional dance and acting for secondary school programs. But my major acting started wen I entered the university. Then uncle Yemi Amodu came to my school to pick on some talented students in my department and I was one of them. Then we went to do Eru niyo and it was a great traditional film with aunty Joke Muyiwa, Tope Adebayo e.t.c and since then, that gave me the light of what I really wanted and I represented my school with the others so many times like going to ABCF, and NUTAF. It was fun and also I did some films after that.


Is it a lucrative business? And do you feel fulfilled in what you do?
Yes it is lucrative, but then it depends on how you handle it. Now the industry is shakey but we will survive it. And sure I feel fulfilled with what I do. I know I will get there, I just have to keep pushing.

There are so many people out there, who do not know what careers to pick, can you encourage someone out there? Coming from the angle of your profession?
Yes I can say it anywhere that u should always believe in yourself. That is the first thing because without that u will lose it. We all know that Nigeria is not stable for now and it has been like this for couple of years now. So all I can say is have focus and work towards it. Don't relent, be determined and u will get there. Though it might take time, but u will get there.

How can people reach you in case they wanted to contact you for business?
Yes you can get me through the following.   WhatsApp-+2348086034474. Facebook--Mariam Mustafa.

Twitter-- Mariam_musty. Instagram-- makay83.

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