Monday, January 16, 2017


16-28 January at 03:00 GMT+1

The Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos Mainland Campus, Iyana-Isolo, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway (THE CHAPEL).



#FaithAndPolitics: Peter said, "Silver & gold I have not..." If he had he would give [or not]. Fmr. U.S. President Ronald Reagan, by presidency, had silver but not gold. NOW time to GIVE mainstream GOLD!

In this #FaithAndPolitics tour, Prophet David Omoaregba has been commissioned by God to help an Era. He believes there's a class warfare script that no matter what, humanity who are not in the 1% would never be among the ruling class till they leave this earth if they don't join satan's occult. Reagan though the ONLY American President who never joined the occult, but defied all odds from a humble working class background to being President was given a terrible sickness: Amnesia. God showed Prophet Omoaregba that the political elite washed their hands on his head. As such, in his country, Prophet Omoaregba can,  by divine revelation, also tell you who are the ruling class and their satanic plot; same also goes for local ones sponsoring meritocratic hubris, income inequality and insecurity. However, some are getting second chances by these revelations. For if you must defeat darkness in secret places, you defeat it by exposing it to light.

Failure to know that the system is rigged by territorial powers is why The Church global is currently the "endangered species" in every nations of the earth.

At the School of Governance chosen by God in the Lagos State Polytechnic, her Lagos Mainland campus; another territory of blue collar and working class, God is raising "The Reagans". Now, get conviction before conversing with mainstream; certificates alone would keep you at the lower 99 percentile. Therefore, get empowered and negotiate at a higher level as God's king/priest with gold in a time of market volatility and chaotic uncertainties, and then govern. 

It's time!




January 16 and 19th – "Weekday Class": The Chapel, LASPOTECH, Iyana-Isolo
Monday, Jan 16th –  Finding Reagan's Gold series 3pm-4:30pm
Thursday, Jan 19th –   Finding Reagan's Gold series 3pm-4:30pm
January 21st – "Weekend Class": The Chapel, LASPOTECH, Iyana-Isolo
Saturday Jan 21st –  Finding Reagan's Gold series 3pm-6pm


January 23rd-26th – "Weekday Class": The Chapel, LASPOTECH, Iyana-Isolo
Monday, Jan 23rd –  Selling Reagan's Gold series. 3pm-4:30pm
Thursday, Jan 26th –   Selling Reagan's Gold series. 3pm-4:30pm
January 28th – "Weekend Class": COMBINED CERTIFICATE AWARD
Saturday Jan 28th –  Selling Reagan's Gold series. 3pm-6pm

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