Wednesday, May 10, 2017


And so, we caught up with a very interesting personality. A music mystro, rapper, activist, entertainer etc... We had to do a quick number on this one for you to see.

I'll let him take the wheel for a second as he attempts to introduce himself to ya'll.

I hope you enjoy this exclusive interview before the interview lol.

1. Please introduce yourself.
I go by the name Michael Iba aka "40 Fore" and I hail from Anambra State in Nigeria. I'm a rapper, singer, activist, entertainer, actor etc... Let's just say i'm everywhere.

2. What can you say about the present state of the music industry?
The music industry has come a long way. It has really evolved and it's still evolving but we have not gotten to the heights yet.
I want to use my own style of music to contribute to the growth of the music industry and hope I can cause positive change in some areas that needs changing.

3. What is your style of music?
My style of music is basically African music that can be infused with foreign sound, hip hop, anything you can think of. It's more of conscious music, designed to get you thinking about the society and events happening all around you.

4. What is your plan for 2017?
2017? My plans are to drop singles and videos, while working on the full album in view for the end of the year.

5. Do you have any present singles you are releasing?
I'm dropping a new single titled "RISE" produced by Olumba and then will do some collabos with some really talented artist in the Nigerian industry. Lets just keep it there for now, alot is going down in 2017, you just have to follow me step by step.

6. What can you say to your fans out there?
Watch out for "40 Fore" and expect nothing less than the best because I'm doing this because of them and I know surely, they'll be proud of me.

7. Do you have any direct contacts or management contacts?
You can find me on the social medias. Facebook: 40 FORE, Twitter: @40Fore, Instagram: @40fore
You can also chat with me or my management directly on whatsapp. +234 - 8033417116. 
I don't mind getting to know my fans directly, so hook  me up on whatsapp...

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