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In the world today, as far as gospel music goes, there are singers, and there are ministers. Singers, are feel good entertainers, who have studied the art of music making and are pretty good at what they do.

On the other hand, music ministers are those and a whole lot more. They are moved to sing out of deep reverence to God and always bless lives when they do.

I met with a powerful gospel music minister today, and we had a wonderful interview.

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Introduce yourself to your numerous fans all around the world.

My name is JOEPRAIZE , A gospel music minister by the will of God. A born again child of God, a member of Christ Embassy Church, the CEO OF COAST2COAST EMPIRE. Biologically from Edo state, Nigeria. A graduate of Social Work and Administration University of Jos.

Your music has impacted lives all around the world, can you tell us how you started and how you got to where you are today?

Started in the choir and I’m still in the choir, I was just there in the choir without the intentions of becoming an artiste but I’m thankful to God for all he has done through me and my music and he is still doing all around the world.

Can you tell us what influences your style of singing and state your mentors?

Well its very obvious that the Holy Spirit is my influence and I am loving it all the way … I am deeply in awe when I see the great and mighty things He is doing all around the world through my ministry … JESUS, his WORD and the HOLY SPIRIT is and will remain my influence and inspiration…
I have listened to quite a number of music ministers like ALVIN SLAUGHTER, DONNIE, RON KENOLY etc…  but can’t really say they were or my mentors… but trust me I appreciate their music ministry .


Can you tell us about your current projects, plans and events? Name songs, videos, albums etc.

We have been quite  busy with different projects , events and various recordings…
We have our latest album doing very well right now MOST HIGH is the title of the album… we released two fantastic music video in one day just less than two months ago  UNCHANGEABLE AND MIRACLE PAPA… WE JUST HAD A JOEPRAIZE LIVE IN LONDON
CONCERT AND IT WAS MIND BLOWING and plans for the next edition is already ongoing …
Doing a couple of collabs with some great minister in music right now… there is just much going on with the man JOEPRAIZE at the moment so just wait and see them as they unfolds…

What's your relationship with other gospel artist all around the world like? Name 5 of the ones you admire the most.
I have a very good relationship with every TRUE gospel music minister around the world … I’m so sorry I can’t name just five pls, there are a whole lots of ministers out there doing great things for the lord…

Encourage a musician out there today, whose confused as to what to sing, stating the need to sing positively influenced songs etc.

My sincere encouragement to every musician out there would be for them to STAY WITH THE HOLY GHOST… the spirit of God will lead them well and safe… he will tell you what song to sing, when to sing it and even how to sing it … stop trying to do it your own way… do it his way and he will create the way you need to walk through to greatness .


How can your fans, agents, planners and promoters reach you. State any of Kingschat, Yookos, Twitter, Facebook, whatsapp, BBM etc.
@joepraize on twitter and Facebook ,
@joepraize_de _emperor on instagram
@joepraize on kingschat

One last word to your fans out there.


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  1. I love this man. He is just so talented and highly blessed. #miraclepapa